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All That Hopping

A Doctor Who Transcript Community

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All That Hopping: Doctor Who Transcripts
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Welcome to ALL THAT HOPPING - the accompanying site of Doctor Who [2005+] Transcripts

The purpose of this community is to provide the Doctor Who fandom with transcripts of every episode of the new series. However, more than one pair of ears is needed to transcript a Doctor Who episode!

It goes like this...

I will post the transcript, usually within two weeks of it being aired*

I make silly mistakes, typos, and it's inevitable that there'll be lines I can't make out. And that's where you come in!

Be as nit-picky as you like when pointing these out. Seriously, even if it's something as small as a comma in the wrong place, I'd want to know.

The result: a transcript that's yours to do exactly what you want with.

NB - these are not SHOOTING SCRIPTS. Transcripts are basically exactly what you see on the screen written out in words. If you're looking for the shooting scripts, then you can buy the 2005 scripts HERE. They're snazzy. They've got cut scenes and witty forewords. You should read them. *is trying to avoid getting sued*

No nastiness! It makes me feel very uncomfortable ;)

Do NOT post these transcripts elsewhere without either permission or credit.

Keep the colourful language to a bare minimum, please.

You don't have to be pointing out mistakes to leave a comment. Be as random as you like!

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